A Day With Dad (Paperback)

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Follow the exciting adventures of Jackie as she spends the day with her Dad in this engaging book for children by Corinthus Alston.

Saturdays are often a lot of fun for Jackie because her father spends most of his day with her. Jackie is really looking forward to spending this weekend with her Dad as he has a special trip planned for her. He is taking Jackie to the zoo!

She is so excited to see all of the different animals and to learn about them. Dad tells her about some of the animals they will see like rhinoceros, giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, tigers, eagles and so much more!

Treat your kids to a wonderfully exciting adventure at the zoo! With lucid and colorful illustrations that grabs attention a simple, easy to read and captivating style, A Day With Dad is an entertaining book for children that all kids need to have on their nightstand and belongs on every family's bookshelf. Use this book to establish a fun bedtime routine and bond with your kids before lights out!

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A Day With Dad (Paperback)

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