Cooking With Dad (Paperback)

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Williams has a special surprise up his little sleeve for Mom’s birthday. It involves his Dad... and a lot of cooking!

Unlike every other regular day, today is a really, really special day—at least for William. It's Mom's birthday! And he has a special little surprise planned for her that is going to bring a big smile to her face. Little wonder he's so excited to get up and out of bed!

But he can't do it alone.

For his special surprise, he wants to whip up Mom's favorite food with a special ingredient just the way she likes it and with Dad's help, of course.

But that's not all! They have many more fun-filled surprises in store for Mom! Wouldn't you like to find out how their day went? I'm sure you would!

Need a fun story for bedtime reading? Look no further as you follow the adventure of William and his Dad in making Mom's birthday a memorable one! With a visually appealing and colorful illustration with a style that is fascinating and easy to read, Cooking With Dad is a captivating book for children that is perfect for cozying up with your kids before turning out the lights!

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Cooking With Dad (Paperback)

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